The Vietnamese plastic industry is aiming to become a high-quality, diversified, highly competitive and environmentally friendly product.

Plastics towards environmentally friendly products

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In 2013, the export turnover of plastics industry is expected to grow at an average rate of 11-13.5% over last year. Along with that, Vietnam's plastic industry is aiming to become an industry producing high quality products of various types, models, highly competitive and environmentally friendly.

Vietnam's Plastics Association (VPA) said that although the exports of many industries declined in 2012, the plastics industry's exports still grew at over 42.2 percent, almost 1.5 times more than in 2011, to 1.98. Billion USD. Of which, export turnover of plastic products reached nearly $ 1.6 billion, a 17% increase compared to 2011; Export turnover of plastic materials reached 397 million, up more than 60.5% in volume and 62.6% in turnover.


According to VPA, the increase in the export turnover of plastic raw materials has shown that the development of the high-tech raw materials and production sector is higher than that of pure plastic. In particular, plastic bags are the products with the highest export turnover, reaching more than 456 million, accounting for 28.9%. This shows that in the future the world will replace plastic bags with biodegradable bags. In the immediate future, the 2013 forecasts for this product will grow further due to the high demand of markets.


According to VPA, Japan, USA, Germany are the three major markets for Vietnamese plastic products. In particular, Japan is the most import market for plastic products in Vietnam in the last five years. This is also the market that export turnover of plastic products of Vietnam has the highest growth in 2012, up 24% compared to 2011, accounting for 22.6%.


In the planning up to 2020, the plastic industry has taken into consideration the restructuring of the plastic products group towards reducing the proportion of plastic products and plastic products, increasing the proportion of building materials and plastic materials.



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